WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear

WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear

WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear

Introducing the WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear, the ultimate dash camera for cars that combines cutting-edge technology with convenience and versatility. With its unique 4K resolution and advanced features, this dash cam is designed to enhance your driving experience and provide you with peace of mind on the road.

Unique 4K Resolution

The WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear features a front 4K camera and a rear 1080p camera, delivering crystal-clear, panoramic footage. With a front 170掳 wide angle and a rear 150掳 angle, this dash cam provides an unobstructed view of the road ahead, reducing blind spots and improving visibility. Drive with confidence knowing that you have a clear and detailed record of your journey.

Compact and Lightweight

Weighing only 0.3 pounds and small as a sparrow, the WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear is incredibly compact and lightweight. It is designed to be as small as the size of a palm, making it easy to carry and install. Unlike older models that presented installation challenges, this dash cam is user-friendly and can be effortlessly set up in your car. Despite its small size, it includes all the essential functionalities of a car recorder, including loop recording, G-Sensor, parking monitoring, GPS, WiFi, night vision, and WDR/HDR.

32G SD Card Included

Every WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear comes with a 32G SD Card, eliminating the need for you to purchase one separately. The included SD card has a fast speed, ensuring smooth and reliable recording of your videos. This convenient feature saves you time and money, allowing you to start using your dash cam immediately.

Built-in WiFi and GPS

The WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear is equipped with built-in WiFi and GPS. With the exclusive Wolfbox app, you can easily access and download the recorded videos from your dash cam. The GPS feature enables you to track your entire driving route, speed, and other metrics, even after your drive has ended. Stay connected and informed with the advanced connectivity options of this dash cam.

Dual-Cam Parking Monitor

Once a hardwire kit is connected, the WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear will activate its parking surveillance mode. This mode includes two options: time-lapse mode, which records at a low frame rate for 12/24 hours, and collision sense mode, which accurately records specific events. Please note that the parking monitor function requires a hardware kit for power (Asin:B09X1L1GMX).

Quality After-sale Service

At WOLFBOX, we prioritize customer satisfaction. Our dash cameras come with a 1-year unconditional warranty and lifetime technical support. If you encounter any problems while using our products, our 24/7 after-sales team is ready to assist you. We are committed to providing superior after-sale service and ensuring that our customers’ needs are met.

Superior Night Vision

The WOLFBOX 4K Dash Cam Front and Rear is equipped with advanced WDR and HDR technology, as well as an F1.5 large aperture. These features allow the dash cam to capture more light and ensure that it is evenly balanced, providing superior night vision. Drive with confidence even in challenging lighting conditions, knowing that your dash cam will capture clear and detailed footage.