Toddler’s T-Rex Skeleton Costume

Toddler’s T-Rex Skeleton Costume

Toddler’s T-Rex Skeleton Costume

Get your little one ready for a roaring good time with the Toddler’s T-Rex Skeleton Costume. This unique and adorable costume will make your child the center of attention at any Halloween party or dress-up event.


1. Realistic Design

The Toddler’s T-Rex Skeleton Costume features a realistic design that will make your child look like a fearsome dinosaur. The costume is made from high-quality materials and includes a detailed skeleton print, giving it an authentic look.

2. Comfortable Fit

We understand that comfort is important for your little one, which is why this costume is designed with their comfort in mind. It has a soft and breathable fabric that allows for easy movement, ensuring your child can enjoy their adventures without any discomfort.

3. Easy to Wear

Putting on and taking off the costume is a breeze. It features a convenient zipper closure at the front, making it easy for your child to get in and out of the costume without any assistance.

4. Versatile

This costume is not just for Halloween! It can also be used for dress-up play, school events, or themed parties. Your child will love wearing this costume and unleashing their imagination as they transform into a mighty T-Rex.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sizes are available for the Toddler’s T-Rex Skeleton Costume?

A: The costume is available in various sizes to fit toddlers of different ages. Please refer to the size chart for accurate measurements and choose the size that best fits your child.

Q: Is the costume machine washable?

A: Yes, the costume is machine washable. We recommend using a gentle cycle and cold water to preserve the quality of the fabric.

Q: Can my child wear this costume outdoors?

A: Yes, the Toddler’s T-Rex Skeleton Costume is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. However, please ensure that your child is dressed appropriately for the weather conditions.

Q: Does the costume include any accessories?

A: The costume includes the T-Rex skeleton jumpsuit only. Any additional accessories shown in the product images are not included.


The Toddler’s T-Rex Skeleton Costume is a must-have for any little dinosaur enthusiast. With its realistic design, comfortable fit, and versatility, this costume will provide hours of fun and imaginative play. Get ready to unleash your child’s inner T-Rex and make unforgettable memories with this adorable costume.