Tajin Cooking Slow Cooker – Product Description

Tajin Cooking Slow Cooker – Product Description

27 cm Tajin Cooking Slow Cooker

Substrate: Enamel cast iron

Size: 27 x 21cm /10.6 x 8.26 in

Features: smokeless, non-stick pan, easy to clean

Suitable for: Various open flames, gas stove, halogen stove, electric ceramic stove. The use of induction cooker is prohibited

Pot Maintenance Precautions

  1. It can be used normally after washing with detergent
  2. Suggest to use wooden spade, silica gel spade, nylon spade to wait
  3. Easy to Clean Up, Hand Wash Recommended
  4. Don’t wash the Pot with harsh soaps, abrasives


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Flat base steadies the pan on the stovetop and the ergonomic handles are designed for easy lifting.


27 cm diameter, suitable for 1-4 people, enough space to roast most vegetables, meat, beef, cakes, eggs, stews. It’s perfect for Moroccan dishes, slow-cooked stews and soups, casseroles, and roasted meats, as well as many other one-pot meals.

Kitchen Utensil Safety

Suitable for most open flame cookers except microwave ovens. You can enjoy the best food with 100% flexibility while cooking.

Cast Iron Base

Our tajin pot base is specially designed, durable structure that is not destroyed by heat and cold during cooking, which makes cooking easy, cooking is healthy, fast and energy-saving.

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