Sturdy Dog Stairs and Ramp for High Beds Or Couches by ZICOTO

Sturdy Dog Stairs and Ramp for High Beds Or Couches by ZICOTO

Sturdy Dog Stairs and Ramp for High Beds Or Couches by ZICOTO

HappyClimber TM Sturdy Dog Stairs by ZICOTO: Whether your furry friend is a senior, your dog has a hard time getting up on the couch & co. due to some existing mobility issues or you simply want to act proactive and avoid extra stress & risks that occur when hopping on the couch – thanks to the dog stairs and PawSof TM design, it is now way more comfortable and fun for your dog to safely get up right next to your side on the couch. The durable dog stairs are especially designed for small dogs with a weight up to thirty pounds. The superior design combines the best of dog stairs and a dog ramp. With a perfect height of 19″, a snuggly PawSof high-density memory foam filing, a soft cover with reliable traction and gentle sloping steps it is really easy for your dog to walk on these stable dog steps. And most importantly, it is also super comfortable & safe! For some extra safety, there is also an anti-slip surface – the dog ramp always stays firm in its place! You can easily remove the cover and machine wash hygienically. With its beautiful light gray color and darker gray accents, the HappyClimber dog ramp is not only 100% functional, but also looks classy with any furniture. To facilitate transport, the pet stairs come in vacuum compression packaging. Give them about 24 to 48 hours to rebound and they’ll shine in their full glory. With the ZICOTO dog stairs your beloved dog can getting around more easily and safely.

Perfect For Your Dog To Climb Up On Couch & Co.

Help your furry friend to comfortably & safely get up right next to your side on the couch for some lovely cuddling sessions! The HappyClimber sturdy dog stairs and ramp combo by ZICOTO simplifies your daily life as a pet owner immensely and is a true game-changer for your dog – great for smaller breeds, senior or mobility-impaired companions.

Sophisticated Design – Super Comfy & Easy To Walk On PawSoft

What a brilliant, practical design that combines the best out of a dog ramp with dog stairs for small dogs (recommended max weight: thirty)! Our Made PawSoft is made of high density memory foam with a fantastic cover made of corduroy giving it reliable traction and not to forget, gentle sloping steps – making it ultra easy to walk on for your dog!

Durable, Stable And Safe – Always Keeps Firmly In Position

You and your beloved pet will love the HappyClimber premium dog steps with perfect height of 19″! The pet ramp is sturdy, featuring a non-skid bottom surface, so it will never slide away – stability and safety are top priorities covered with the dog ramps for small dogs!

Stylish Washable Cover – Ready For Action Again In No Time

Everything has been thought of in the pet stairs design! With its welcoming light gray color & darker gray accents, it matches any furniture in style and you can even remove the soft cover and wash it in the machine – easy, quick & perfectly hygienic.

Allow It To Unfold – Vacuum Compression Packaging For Enhanced Transport

To facilitate transport and also reduce the ecological footprint in the logistics chain, the pet steps (2 parts) are vacuum packed; watch them expand & unfold into the shape of stairs up until they are fully rebound after 24-48 hours – now the time has come for your dog to become a HappyClimber(the comfy way!)