Robus RCM-633 6-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod, 65″

Robus RCM-633 6-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod, 65″

Robus RCM-633 6-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod, 65″

Are you a photographer or videographer looking for a reliable and versatile monopod? Look no further than the Robus RCM-633 6-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod. With its lightweight design and sturdy construction, this monopod is the perfect accessory for capturing stunning shots on the go.

Key Features

1. Carbon Fiber Construction

The Robus RCM-633 is made from high-quality carbon fiber, making it both lightweight and durable. This material ensures that the monopod can withstand heavy use without compromising stability.

2. 6-Section Design

With six adjustable sections, this monopod can extend up to 65 inches, allowing you to capture shots from various angles and heights. The sections lock securely in place, providing stability and preventing any unwanted movement.

3. Quick Release Plate

The monopod features a quick release plate that allows for easy attachment and detachment of your camera or camcorder. This feature saves you time and ensures that you can quickly switch between different equipment during your shoot.

4. Comfortable Grip

The Robus RCM-633 is designed with a comfortable foam grip, providing a secure and comfortable hold. This grip reduces fatigue during long shooting sessions, allowing you to focus on capturing the perfect shot.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is the monopod compatible with all cameras?

A: Yes, the Robus RCM-633 is compatible with all cameras and camcorders that have a standard tripod mount.

Q: Can the monopod support heavy equipment?

A: Absolutely! The carbon fiber construction of the monopod ensures that it can support heavy cameras and lenses without any issues.

Q: How compact is the monopod when folded?

A: When folded, the monopod measures approximately 18 inches, making it easy to carry and transport.


The Robus RCM-633 6-Section Carbon Fiber Monopod is a must-have accessory for photographers and videographers. Its lightweight design, sturdy construction, and versatile features make it the perfect tool for capturing stunning shots on the go. Invest in the Robus RCM-633 and take your photography and videography to the next level.