KETOSCAN Lite Breath Ketone Meter: The Ultimate Diet & Fitness Tracker

KETOSCAN Lite Breath Ketone Meter: The Ultimate Diet & Fitness Tracker

Are you tired of pricking your finger every time you want to track your ketosis state? Say goodbye to blood and pain with the revolutionary Ketoscan Lite Breath Ketone Meter. This innovative device allows you to monitor your fat metabolism and manage your weight loss without any hassle. Whether you’re following a low carb, ketogenic, or any other nutrition and fitness program, Ketoscan Lite is here to make your journey easier than ever.

No Blood & No Pain to Track Your Ketosis

Gone are the days of painful blood tests to measure your ketosis state. With Ketoscan Lite, all you need to do is breathe out for a few seconds to know your breath ketone state and current body fat burning rate. It’s quick, painless, and incredibly convenient. Say hello to a stress-free way of tracking your ketosis!

Advanced Breath Sampling Technology

Thanks to its state-of-the-art breath sensor technology, Ketoscan Lite ensures faster and easier measurements with hassle-free operations. No need to blow long and hard anymore. The device takes care of everything, allowing you to focus on your weight loss journey.

Low-Cost per Testing

Worried about the cost of testing? Don’t be! Ketoscan Lite offers a low-cost solution for tracking your ketosis. If you don’t have mouthpieces, you can use drink straws as an alternate option. Simply find a 1/4 inch diameter drink straw and cut it to 2 inches long. It’s that simple!

Free Ketoscan Lite Logbook App and Sync With Calorie Counter App Fatsecret

Take your tracking to the next level with the free Ketoscan Lite Logbook App. Input your readings manually and set your diet goals on the app. Create your personalized keto diet journal and macro logbook. While Bluetooth pairing is not supported with the app, you can still monitor your daily carb intake and track your macronutrient ratio by syncing with the Carb Manager app Fatsecret.

Replace The Sensor And Renew Your Device

After 300 test cycles, the device gets locked, and the sensor replacement service is required to maintain its highly accurate readings. Don’t worry; renewing your Ketoscan Lite is easy and affordable. For a service charge of $30, which includes return shipping, your device will be as good as new. Contact a seller via desertcart for the sensor replacement service. We stand behind our products and services, ensuring your satisfaction.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Ketoscan Lite suitable for all nutrition and fitness programs?
  2. Yes, Ketoscan Lite is designed to monitor fat metabolism and manage weight loss for any nutrition and fitness program, including low carb and ketogenic diets.

  3. How often should I use Ketoscan Lite?
  4. It is recommended to use Ketoscan Lite daily or as advised by your healthcare professional to track your progress accurately.

  5. Can I use Ketoscan Lite without the app?
  6. Yes, you can use Ketoscan Lite without the app. However, using the app allows you to create a personalized keto diet journal and track your macronutrients more efficiently.

  7. How long does the sensor replacement service take?
  8. The sensor replacement service typically takes a few days. Once your device is received, the replacement will be done promptly, and your device will be returned to you as good as new.


Tracking your ketosis state and managing your weight loss has never been easier. With Ketoscan Lite Breath Ketone Meter, you can say goodbye to blood and pain. Simply breathe out for a few seconds, and you’ll know your breath ketone state and current body fat burning rate. Take advantage of the advanced breath sampling technology, low-cost testing, and the free Ketoscan Lite Logbook App to make your weight loss journey a breeze. Don’t forget to replace the sensor when needed to ensure accurate readings. Get started with Ketoscan Lite today and achieve your fitness goals!