ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg Weight Set

ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg Weight Set

ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg Weight Set


The ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg Weight Set is a revolutionary fitness equipment designed to provide you with a versatile and efficient workout experience. With its quick safe locking mechanism and 7+ selectable weight selections, this kettlebell is perfect for progressive overload and space efficiency.

Main Features

  • 7+ Weight Selections: Choose from 3kg to 18kg weight increments, allowing you to gradually increase the intensity of your workouts.
  • Quick Safe Weight Adjustments: Easily slide, pull, and lift to select your desired weight. The safety locking mechanism ensures that the weight plates are securely in place.
  • Versatile Kettlebell for All Your Exercise Needs: Made from strong, safe, and sturdy iron cast material, this kettlebell is suitable for a wide range of kettlebell exercises.
  • Quick and Safe Delivery: Expect your ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell to be delivered within 1-2 working days in sturdy packaging to ensure it arrives in perfect condition.
  • Rubber Sole for Scratch-Free Home Storage: The kettlebell is designed with a rubber sole to prevent any scratches or damage to your floors when stored at home.

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Don’t miss out on the opportunity to enhance your fitness routine with the ISOGYM Adjustable Kettlebell 3-18kg Weight Set. Order now and experience the benefits of progressive overload and space efficiency in your workouts. Get ready to take your fitness journey to the next level!

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