Hydrogen Water Bottle – Healthy Life

Hydrogen Water Bottle – Healthy Life

Hydrogen Water Bottle – Healthy Life

Before the first use, take the orange cap out. Otherwise, the bottle will not work. The orange cap is for storage and transportation purposes.

NOT for juice, cola, sugar, or soda water. They will be harmful to the SPE module. Purified, distilled, mineral/spring, and RO water are recommended.

Use a cup to drink to keep bacteria out of hydrogen bottle.

Highly Concentrated Hydrogen Water

With higher hydrogen content, 1 cup from this bottle is equal to 2~3 cups from others.

This hydrogen water bottle is specially designed to maintain greater hydrogen pressure, so as to allow more hydrogen molecules to dissolve in water. The key to obtaining higher hydrogen pressure is to make the water level as high as possible (to the shoulder of the cup), so as to make the volume of residual air in the cup as small as possible to produce greater hydrogen pressure. 8oz / 240ml is the most suitable amount of water.

Robust, Easy to Carry

This bottle is made of food grade, BPA free PC material.

This bottle can withstand 1m free fall without damage. The compact size makes it easy to put in your travel bag.

Benefits for Everyone

Both men, women, and children can safely drink hydrogen water. It can effectively:

  1. Improve hydration levels (up to 6 times better than regular water).
  2. Improve nutrition absorption of supplements.
  3. Enhance anti-aging properties.
  4. Provide anti-inflammation properties.
  5. Improve sleep quality.
  6. Improve brain function and memory and much more.

Package Included

  • 1pc x Hydrogen Water Bottle
  • 1pc x Charging Cable
  • 1pc x Manual

Made of safe food grade PC and eco-friendly silicone material, which has good sealing performance and does not leak easily. Up to 3000ppb from 5min Electrolysis and Up to 4500ppb from 10min Electrolysis in Full Water Level Condition. Dupont N117 SPE PEM Technology for High-Purity 99.996% Hydrogen Chlorine Free and Ozone Free. Waterproof Type-C Charging Port. Coloured display during hydrogen production, more fun. Compatible with the inside diameter of 30mm Bottle Water for Hydrogen Infusing. Portable, easy to carry, great for office, travel, and work, etc.