HOMCOM Industrial Bookshelf, Storage Cabinet with 3-Tier with Doors

HOMCOM Industrial Bookshelf, Storage Cabinet with 3-Tier with Doors

HOMCOM Industrial Bookshelf, Storage Cabinet with 3-Tier with Doors

Introducing the HOMCOM Industrial Bookshelf, a versatile and stylish storage solution for your home or office. With its unique design and functional features, this bookshelf is sure to impress.

Industrial Style

The HOMCOM Industrial Bookshelf features a stand-out design with a two-tone colorway of rustic brown and black. This industrial style adds a touch of modernity to any space and seamlessly blends with your existing decor.

Spacious and Functional

This bookshelf offers three shelves and a bottom cupboard, providing ample storage and display space for your books, photos, ornaments, and more. Whether you need a place to showcase your favorite novels or organize your office supplies, this bookshelf has got you covered.

Solid and Durable

The HOMCOM Industrial Bookshelf is built to last. It features a metal frame and thick particle board shelves, ensuring a solid and durable structure that can withstand everyday use. The adjustable feet provide extra balance and stability, making it suitable for any floor surface.

Safe and Secure

Your safety is our priority. This bookshelf comes with anti-tipping straps that can be attached to the wall, preventing any accidental tipping or toppling. This feature is especially important for households with children and pets, giving you peace of mind.

Dimensions and Assembly

The HOMCOM Industrial Bookshelf measures 120cm in height, 70cm in length, and 30cm in depth. The cupboard inner dimensions are 32.5cm in height, 62.5cm in width, and 28cm in depth. Each shelf has a maximum load capacity of 10kg. Assembly is required, but with the provided instructions, it’s a breeze.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can this bookshelf be used in an office setting?

Yes, absolutely! The HOMCOM Industrial Bookshelf is versatile and suitable for both home and office environments. Its stylish design and ample storage space make it a perfect addition to any workspace.

2. Can the shelves be adjusted to accommodate taller items?

Unfortunately, the shelves are not adjustable. However, the spacious design allows for the display of various-sized items, including taller ones.

3. Is the bookshelf easy to clean?

Yes, it is! Simply wipe it down with a damp cloth to remove any dust or dirt. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the surface.


The HOMCOM Industrial Bookshelf is a must-have for anyone looking to add style and functionality to their space. With its industrial design, spacious shelves, and durable construction, it’s the perfect storage solution for your home or office. Get yours today and transform your space!