Color N Drive for BMW Automotive Touch Up Paint | B45 – Estoril Blue 2 Met | Paint Scratch Repair Exact Match Guarantee – Basic

Color N Drive for BMW Automotive Touch Up Paint | B45 – Estoril Blue 2 Met | Paint Scratch Repair, Exact Match Guarantee – Basic

Color N Drive for BMW Automotive Touch Up Paint | B45 – Estoril Blue 2 Met | Paint Scratch Repair, Exact Match Guarantee – Basic

Allows You to Avoid a Costly Trip to the Auto Body Shop

By taking this approach to fixing car paint damage, you will likely save a small fortune. You won’t have to worry about shelling out a significant amount of money to have an auto body shop do something you can do on your own right at home.

Helps You Hide Any Damage Done to Your Car’s Paint Job

If you’re thinking about purchasing touch-up paint for cars to repair your vehicle, you might be worried about what your car is going to look like when you’re finished. When you’re shopping around for touch-up paint for cars, it’s important to work with a company that will mix fresh paint for your car like we do. It should be mixed so that it’s an exact match for the paint that’s already on your vehicle.

Prevents You From Having to Live Without a Car for Long

You can paint your car in a matter of a few hours and be back behind the wheel in no time. It’ll prevent the paint damage that was done to your car from turning your life upside-down and making it more difficult than it has to be.

Stops Your Car’s Value From Taking a Huge Hit

Your car is depreciating each and every day. Even if you just bought it a few months ago, it’s already worth a whole lot less than it was worth when you first purchased it. Using Color N Drive touch-up paint for cars can prevent a scratch from dragging the value of your car down. You can get rid of the scratch and allow the value of your car to stay the same.

Lets You Continue to Take Pride in Your Car’s Appearance

You can skip having to deal with this through the use of Color N Drive touch-up paint KIT for cars. By touching up a small amount of paint damage on your car, you can keep your car shining and take pride in its overall appearance.

About Color N Drive Touch Up Paint Kit

Color N Drive is the preferred touch-up paint kit of car enthusiasts in the USA and around the world! Our finest new generation professional touch-up formulations deliver stunning results without the need for a costly body shop. It’s amazing how durable modern auto clear coat finishes are, and with our state-of-the-art finishing pigments and chemicals, your car can be made to look just like new.

Why Use Touch-Up Paint?

From the second you drive a brand new car off the dealer floor, the attacks begin. Contaminants fly off the ground to dance on the lower portion of your bumper, car door sills, and body sides, while careless drivers terrorize your shiny exterior with heartless door smacks in parking lots. However, there is always a better option to have a complete touch-up paint kit to simply perform DIY paint finishing work to keep your car looking brand new.

Where to Find Your Paint Code

Your paint code can usually be found inside the engine bay area by the right side engine compartment, by the front of the strut tower, on the radiator support (front middle), or inside the rear compartment (back compartment panel or under the trunk floor mat).

Color N Drive New Generation Touch-Up Program Benefits

Our touch-up paint kit offers maximum innovation. It is the world’s first 3-step DIY advanced touch-up paint kit for stunning results on your car. Our unique formulation of pigments, hardeners, and ecological solvents ensures a 100% OEM paint match up. Our patented clear N correct solution works to remove excess paint and correct application failures. It is workable on chips and scratches until the primer coat on the surface.

Color N Drive for BMW Touch-Up Paint Basic Pack

With this start-up kit, you can easily eliminate 50 stone marks on your car. The package includes 25 ml of paint tailored to the color code of your car, 50 ml of German patented cleaning solution, 25 ml of carnauba-based wax, and 25 ml of paste.

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